Invest wisely.

Our clients deserve an investment experience based on enhanced performance, empirical research, and cutting edge technology with a focus on reducing fees, costs and taxes whenever possible. We listen carefully and create tailored and transparent investment plans specific to the objectives and needs of each client. This is investing wisely.

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Ridgeview Asset Management offers wealth management services from a different perspective. We are an independent adviser for those who appreciate that wealth can be managed better than the approach taken by traditional asset management firms.

At Ridgeview, the client comes first.

Client Experience

Business Plan

Successful companies have thorough and complete plans to manage and sustain their business. Why shouldn’t you? We begin by evaluating goals, needs and specific circumstances.


We strategically use tax loss harvesting and minimize fees and costs to maximize investment performance. We then leverage a broad spectrum of fixed income and equities solutions to reflect the unique risk tolerance of each client.

Alignment of Interests

Based on extensive private equity experience, we believe a well-structured investment program aligns the interests of all stake-holders. We work thoughtfully to align our clients' interests with our own because we invest our own capital in the same strategy and investment process as our clients.

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about what we do

A Financial Partnership

We serve a diverse client group with varied backgrounds and financial situations.
We work with:
  • Individuals and
    wealthy families
  • Institutions
  • Foundations
Based on decades of combined experience, we’ve built a firm that we believe our clients would build for themselves if given the opportunity and time. We provide the same investment strategies, processes, resources and service that we want for ourselves. As part of this financial partnership, we work to:
  • Enhance investment performance using empirically proven strategies
  • Maximize the power of compounding
  • Minimize fees and costs
  • Focus on and work to minimize taxes
  • Create tailored solutions to each client’s circumstances
  • Provide continual asset allocation assessment
  • Assist with cash flow and estate planning
  • Provide access to proprietary and uncorrelated private deal flow
  • Provide business advice to privately-held businesses
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About How We Work

No matter the challenge, we approach each client’s circumstances with patience, understanding and decades of experience to create solutions that work. We work with those individuals, institutions, entities and families who understand wealth should be managed with prudence, discipline and expertise.

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